Married at First Sight UK viewers recognised this one contestant from another reality show

luke married at first sight
MAFS fans recognise contestant from another showChannel 4

You literally cannot pull the wool over a dating reality show fan's eyes, and recent detective work involving a new Married at First Sight contestant proves exactly that. While season 8 has only just dropped (it aired on Monday 19th September), viewers have already spotted a familiar face amongst the latest group of singletons hoping to find love.

After watching the first episode, eagle-eyed fans were convinced they'd seen Luke, a 30-year-old sales executive from Clacton before. And you know what? They were right. Amid the excitement/chaos (call it what you will) of the potential discovery, viewers flocked to Twitter to question their instincts. There, they were met with many fellow fans who were able to confirm their thoughts: Luke had previously appeared on Davina McCall's The Language Of Love dating series two years ago.

"Got it! Luke was on Davina McCall's The Language of Love!! #MAFSUK," one person said, as a second penned: "Luke was on that Language of Love dating show last year if anyone else thought he looked familiar #MAFSUK."

For those who didn't watch the show, a quick recap is in order. Basically, as part of the programme, Luke relocated to Spain with both British and Spanish singletons under the premise of finding 'the one.' However, the series came with a major twist: the contestants didn't speak the same language. Instead, they had to see if romance could bloom despite the language barrier, as Spanish actor Ricky Merino interpreted how the relationships were developing.

But while Luke's stint on The Language Of Love may have not gone to plan, it looks as though MAFS could be the real deal. Namely due to the fact that fans are obsessed with his relationship with Jay, and are rooting for them to go all the way.

"Luke and Jay were all rooting for you don’t let us down pls. #MAFSUK," one user typed as a second agreed: "Jay & Luke. I’ve known you for an hour but I am already emotionally invested in you both and if you don’t last then what is the point in love at all? #MAFSUK."

Granted, we're only one episode in, but fingers crossed these two make it!

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