Martin Kemp vows to enjoy life

Martin Kemp's New Year's resolution is to "enjoy" life more.

The Spandau Ballet bassist - who has children Harleymoon, 30, and Roman, 26, with wife Shirlie Holliman - admitted he rarely sticks to the annual pledges for long but has learned life is "too short" to spend too much time working.

He said: "I try to make New Year's resolutions but they break quite soon.

"I'm usually about a six-week person - I go with it until things become too difficult.

"I think, this time, it'll be to enjoy myself more.

"It's important not to work too hard. Life's too short."

The 58-year-old star bought his wife her "worst" ever Christmas present a few years ago - but it ultimately turned out well as he was playing a prank on Shirlie.

He explained to Closer magazine: "A couple of years ago, I bought her the worst present. I got her a set of jump leads for the car.

"She opened them and it did not go down very well.

"But then I told her I'd actually bought the car too and that it was outside. So she liked that in the end."

The family enjoy the same Christmas Day routine every year.

Martin said: "Our Christmas traditions are the same as everybody else's.

"Christmas Day, we wake up at 10 o'clock. Shirlie burns the Brussels sprouts at 11 because she's already drunk.

"We sit down for lunch all together about one. At three, we watch the queen and then, by the evening, we're all singing karaoke."