Marvin Humes' daughter finds him 'embarrassing'

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Marvin Humes’ eldest daughter finds him “a bit embarrassing”.
The 37-year-old singer – who has Alaia-Mai, nine, Valentina, five, and Blake, 21 months, with wife Rochelle - managed to regain some “cool points” when he returned to the stage with his band JLS last year because his offspring hadn’t realised the extent of his pop background, but now the tour is over, he’s back to being a “nagging” parent again.
He said: “I’m definitely getting to that stage with my eldest one now where I’m a bit embarrassing, but I did manage to pull back some cool points when JLS toured last year.
“She’d bee to see Little Mix and other bands at the O2 so when she saw me and her uncles up there she was like, ‘Hang on Dad, you do that?’
“Certainly before that I was just ‘dad’ and now the tour has finished and I’m always nagging her to do her homework, get off her iPad and stop doing TikTok dances, I’ve slipped back down in the cool stakes.”
Despite the demands of juggling the needs of three children, Marvin and Rochelle always carve time out for one another.
He told Heat magazine: “We’re so blessed to have three amazing children, but we’ve always said that it’s important to us that we still have our own time together.
“The everyday life of being a parent generally overlooks the whole thing of being a couple, because the kids come first and it’s all about school runs and bath times and taking them to birthday parties and clubs.
“Even if Rochelle and I only get a few hours together alone once a week or once a fortnight, it’s super-important.”
Marvin is “obsessed” with the family’s dog, Ginger, even though he was “reluctant” to open up their home to a pet.
He admitted: “My kids were so desperate to get a dog and I was reluctant.
“Then, once I caved in, I became obsessed. I trained her and I’m the one who picks up the [poo].
“The kids are great with her but she’s four now and she’s definitely my dog and she pretty much only listens to me.
“She’s great and we’re ‘family complete’ now. We’ve got three kids and one dog. That’s it. My eldest wants another dog but no more kids, and no more animals.”