MasterChef fans left 'gutted' by elimination: 'Deserved to stay'

"You were my favourite, so sad to see you go."

MasterChef judge Sofia Levin and Nat
MasterChef fans have been left 'gutted' by Tuesday night's elimination, with many saying they 'deserved to stay'. Photo: Ten

MasterChef fans were left 'gutted' by Tuesday night's elimination, with Darrsh Clarke bidding the competition farewell after failing to make the final five. Guillaume Brahimi's pressure test featured a tricky crab dish, with the contestants needing to produce the exact same plating as the legendary French chef.

When Darrsh found out what he'd be cooking, he told the cameras that he knew "it was going to be a tough day in the office". And while he tried his best, it sadly wasn't enough to keep him in the competition.


Fans were left heartbroken when judge Poh Ling Yeow delivered the news, telling the contestant, "I'm so sorry Darrsh, you're going home."

Sofia Levin added, "Darrsh, when this competition is over, yes, we'll remember our favourite food moments. But more than that, we'll remember people like you. And we're going to miss you a lot."

Darrsh leaves MasterChef
Fans were heartbroken to say goodbye to Darrsh. Photo: Ten

Looking like he was fighting back tears, Darrsh said, "I remember the first day we walked in here and it was such a magical experience. I said, 'I hope this magic never wears off.' It does wear off, but it's replaced with, like, something that's so much better. And that's like, the magic of all the people that are here.

"Everyone makes this show so much more than just food. It's such an amazing experience that I will never, ever, ever forget."

Darrsh left some of his fellow contestants, including Nat, in tears over his elimination.

Fans were left heartbroken over the elimination, with one Instagram user writing, "You were my favourite. ❤️ So sad to see you go 😢."

"I'm devastated to see Darrsh leaving... He's such a genuine guy & everyone loves him .. All the best ❤️," another said.


"You made Sri Lanka proud @darrshclarke," a third said. "Quite gutted to see you go. Thanks for keeping the flag flying high."

"He deserved to stay 🥲 you're the best @darrshclarke ❣️," someone else added.

"I am so sorry to see you go home Darrsh, I was hoping you would be in the final, but you are still a rocking legend! ❤️," yet another added.

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