MasterChef star reveals cheating scandal

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

MasterChef star Khanh Ong has allowed fans exclusive access to his private life with a new memoir cookbook, and it seems the chef is lifting the lid on cheating scandals from the past.

The MasterChef season had been dogged with accusations of rigged judging after decisions to keep and cut contestants were labelled ‘baffling’ by fans.

Some even wondered if chef Hayden Quinn had gone full Mission Impossible with a so-called ‘secret earpiece’ spotted that seemed to place him at the centre of a vast reality cooking show conspiracy theory that may (it didn’t) or may not have stretched from Ready, Steady, Cook to Hell’s Kitchen, and beyond.

MasterChef's cheating scandals have been debunked, but contestants' personal lives haven't escaped as easily. Photo: Ten

Of course, the earpiece in question turned out to be a pen tucked behind his ear, news that came as a shock to fans who were sure some unidentified powers were working the puppet strings as he constructed such culinary delights as a big Violet Crumble and nachos made with packet chips.

So no, despite feverish piecing together of clues, the show’s so-called ‘cheating’ is rooted in more fiction than fact, and now Khanh has revealed the real cheating drama in his life happened far away from the MasterChef kitchen, and far back in his past.

Khanh’s cheating pain revealed

Khanh Ong has opened up about the real cheating, and it didn't happen on MasterChef. Photo: Ten

In  A Gay Guy’s Guide to Life Love Food Khanh opens all the way up about navigating life, love and of course food, even shedding light on some not-so savoury relationships past.

In an interview with New Idea Khanh revealed the book explores his experience of being cheated on by former partners, memories he describes as ‘hurtful’.

“[There are] stories in there about ex-boyfriends and being cheated on and those are obviously coming from hurtful places,” Khanh told the publication. 

“There’s also one ex who doesn’t know he’s been mentioned in the book. His name is changed, but when it comes out, I might get a few angry emails or texts.”

Candid Khanh a fan favourite

Khanh's candid approach to the competition has won him dedicated fans. Photo: Ten

The star has long been praised for his candid approach to the competition and life.

He has previously spoken candidly about criticism levelled at fellow contestant Poh Ling Yeow’s extensive screen time, stating she simply cooks in stressful way, and therefore makes good TV.

He also delighted fans with his good-humoured approach to what can only be described as a mess of a chocolate watermelon fail in a complicated dessert challenge that was as exactly as specific as it sounds.

Khanh’s attempt to construct a complex tempered chocolate watermelon cocktail dessert sparked something of a social media trend after the chef plated up a slightly abstract take on the challenge.

Taking to Twitter the chef poked fun at his final product with a hysterical photoshop job comparing the ‘watermelon’ to a ninja turtle to the delight of fans.

It’s not been all fun and games fro MasterChef fans in recent weeks, however, after a homophobic rant posted in 2014 by favourite Reynold Poernomo was unearthed last week.

The chef has since apologised for comments in which he called gay people ‘freaks’ among other upsetting comments.

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