Match Me Abroad's Harold Is Flat-Out Rejected by His Date — While Trapped in a Paddleboat

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Match Me Abroad's Harold Is Flat-Out Rejected by His Date — While Trapped in a Paddleboat

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at TLC's international matchmaking series, Harold fails to make a splash during a first date in Prague



Despite taking his matchmaker’s advice to practice active listening, Harold’s first date on TLC’s Match Me Abroad ends up being a dud.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode, the 41-year-old artist from New Mexico rents a paddleboat in Prague to spend some quality time with his date Teresa — but all the guaranteed alone time backfires when the two fail to click.

“I felt I listened to her and asked a lot of questions and tried to get a lot of dialogue going,” Harold says. “But I wait for her to ask me questions but she doesn’t, and I want her to get to know me.”

Harold, who has autism, traveled to Prague for Match Me Abroad to find a Czech partner. He even prepared for the possibility of finding a soul mate by consulting with an attorney to discuss a prenuptial agreement to protect his intellectual property and assets.

But judging from his first date, Harold won't need that prenup any time soon.



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“This time, I’m hoping for a relationship that will balance the physical and intellectual side, where we can be friends and do fun stuff and be very sexual, I guess,” he tells Teresa, prompting her to make a face.

Teresa then asks what the most important thing is for him in a relationship. “Your pleasure,” he replies.

“I said again, different, because for me it’s my pleasure first,” she adds, seemingly confused by the language barrier — or maybe just using it to her advantage on an uncomfortable date.

Later during the paddleboat excursion, Harold asks Teresa directly if she finds him attractive.

“I don’t know you so much, but if I should be like, really like, honest, I don’t like flowers on men, for example,” she answers, referring to his floral shirt.

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When Harold brings his date back to land, she quickly gets off the paddleboat, ignoring his offer for assistance.

Reflecting on the date later, Harold tries to put a positive spin on the experience — despite Teresa’s apparent lack of interest.

“Being socially awkward as I am, I think Teresa and I are a good match,” Harold says. “We connect on several levels. She’s beautiful. I’m kind of getting tunnel vision, I think.”

Match Me Abroad follows six American men and women, along with their skeptical family members and friends, on their quest to find love in Colombia, Czechia and Morocco.

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Match Me Abroad airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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