Matthew McConaughey wants more kids

Matthew McConaughey wants "eight more kids".

The 'Serenity' star already has Levi, 11, Vida, 10, and Livingston, seven, with his wife Camila Alves, but has said he's keen to take his family into double digits with a whopping eight more children - although his spouse isn't so sure.

He said: "I remember at eight years old, it's really the only thing I ever knew I wanted to be was a dad.

"I'd like to have eight more kids, but my wife's not on the same page. I understand that. It's a lot easier for us [men]."

Matthew, 50, also said his children are his "living legacy", as he admits he wants to raise his brood to be "conscientious" and "confident".

He added: "I've got a large hand in shepherding my three children up until they're 18 and out of the house. Yeah, see if I hold on to my words in a few years. That's the thing I think I do most honourably is having three autonomous, conscientious, confident children."

And becoming a father has even changed Matthew's outlook on his professional life.

The 'True Detective' actor said: "I looked up and started to say ... you know what, I just had a son. I said, the character I am in my life, the man I am in my life, the story I'm living is more violent than the characters in the stories that I feel like I'm playing in some of these romantic comedies. So, I took off in kind of an un-branding phase. Not a rebranding phase, an un-branding phase."

Matthew now loves bringing his kids to work with him, and says his daughter Vida enjoys working with the costume department.

Speaking at HISTORYTalks, Leadership & Legacy in New York City over the weekend, he said: "I have my kids come out, we put them to work. We give them a little cash for catering. My daughter's gone in to work with seamstresses and the costume departments."