Matty Healy Confirmed To Fans He's Dating Taylor Swift And Was With Her Dad At Eras Show

Matty Healy Confirmed To Fans He's Dating Taylor Swift And Was With Her Dad At Eras Show

Taylor Swift's reported boyfriend Matty Healy was at all her Philadelphia Eras tour shows over the weekend, hanging out with her friend Blake Lively on Friday night. But in a show of how real Healy and Swift's new relationship is, Healy was also filmed spending time at the concert with Swift's father during the show on Saturday.

A fan, @eleanorazefirst, also revealed on TikTok that she and other fans talked to Healy at the concert and asked him point blank if he and Swift were together. His answer was yes. 'Taylor's parents omggg,' she captioned her first TikTok. 'Then Matty Healy [sic] he said yes when we asked if they were dating.'

In a second TikTok, she clarified more: 'So basically it was just her mum and her dad originally. And I want to say, it was the sweetest thing. During ‘Marjorie,’ her mum was crying and everything like that. And I didn't want to record because that would be like kind of bad, that's not a good thing. And then Matt came, and everyone started freaking out. Then the girls next to me were actually the ones who were like, "Matt, blink twice if you and Taylor are dating," and he goes like..." She then dramatically blinked her eyes twice and nodded.

'Like, he does that, and I was like, "What?! You are?!" and he nods.' She added that, 'Oh, I thought it was so cute. Him and her dad were whispering to each other the entire concert and like talking, it was so nice.'

Swift and Healy were seen holding hands and kissing in New York City on Thursday. On May 12, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Swift 'has moved on from Joe [Alwyn, her ex-boyfriend from whom she split in March] and is feeling great and confident.' With Healy specifically, 'Taylor and Matty have known each other and have history, so there's a comfortability factor there, but also feelings of excitement.'

A source told People that same day that she and Healy really are romantically involved: 'They're hanging out and having a good time. It's not just platonic.'

A second source added, 'Taylor is happy. She's very focused on her tour but is enjoying hanging out with Matty when she is off.'

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