Matty J's heart belongs to Laura

Jo Thornely

He’s picked his new girlfriend
Collected his trophy
Let’s recycle those candles
And light them for Sophie.

We made it, you guys. We’re here. The Bachelor finale.

We’ve waded through bachelorettes whose faces are barely familiar and whose names never even
had a chance of being remembered.

Nope, not ringing a bell. Source: Channel 10

We’ve survived a thousand OMG faces.

I’m getting a strong urge to throw Twisties at them. Source: Channel 10

We’ve seen a pig, a horse, a swan, and a camel.

Only one of these has a nozzle you can blow into

We’ve met hatted meanies and potted weenies. Source: Channel 10

Only one of these would look good on your coffee table. And we’ve said goodbye to a beautiful perfect magical princess. Source: Channel 10
NEVER FORGET. Source: Channel 10

So here’s a question before we go any further: knowing what we do about the last couple of series where we’ve been carefully manipulated and misled in order to make the winner announcement a brutal shock, do you think at this point we know the winner despite being manipulated, are not being manipulated so the winner is obvious, or are now so savvy we’re incapable of being manipulated and have morphed into a collective unmanipulable genius robot from outer space?

Only time and Thailand will tell.

In the meantime, I just have a few questions. Think of them as distracting filler if you will, like say, endless recaps, a trip to Thailand, or any scene containing any family member ever.

Being a sentient being with its own emotions and postal address, does Usher’s hair cope with the
dense humidity of Indochina?

Yes. Kudos, sir. Source: Channel 10

Q: Seeing as Matty’s about to go off the market in front of a national audience, are Matty’s brothers
worth a crack?

Not much of a conversationalist, but still would. Source: Channel 10

When Elise and Laura meet Matty’s family, do they respond differently to being interrogated?

Ooo that’s a toughie, let me think carefully and answer calmly. Source: Channel 10

AVAILABLE. Source: Channel 10

Q: Being a ritzy old boiler with a posh mouth and a bit of near-retirement sass, can we tell who
Matty’s Mum, Mrs Matty, likes better just from her facial expressions?

Well aren’t you lovely, Elise. Source: Channel 10
Oh my god shut uuuuuup. Source: Channel 10

Being a whole other country that you can’t even drive to on a road, is there about forty minutes total of time-filling, sweeping landscape shots?

We GET it. You’re in THAILAND. Source: Channel 10

In the to-camera interviews, has the prop department added enough background clues telling us
we’re in an exotic location?

Maybe a couple more candles. Source: Channel 10

Did you guys know that if you take a screenshot of an elephant-washing date at just the right time, it
can look like an entirely different kind of date?

They’re so wrinkly. Source: Channel 10

Do each of the girls get a final date couch? Date couches are important.

Definitely. Source: Channel 10
Sure, I guess. Source: Channel 10

This one’s more of a statement than a question: STOP KISSING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SOMEBODY GET THE CHAPSTICK.

Seeing that conversations in any Bachelor finale must by law be copied and pasted from conversations in the 15 preceding episodes, what’s the winning cliché in the end?

It’s a toss-up between ““I didn’t expect to feel this way”, “I don’t want this to be the end”, and the sound of two sets of tonsils slapping together.

Do Matty, Elise and Laura take so long to get ready for the big winner announcement that it makes the swelling, anticipatory violins irritating instead of stirring?

Just hurry up or it’s going to rain again. Source: Channel 10

Is Matty so hot and nervous he could chuck?

You b-HURGGGG- betcha. Source: Channel 10

And finally, did Matty pick the girl we all sorta kinda knew would win from the very beginning?

Duh, yes. Source: Channel 10

Bye, Matty and Laura. We’ll see you in the gossip mags whenever you undergo a major life event and maybe buy some of your jewellery as an in-joke present for that friend we know who watches The Bachelor a lot and is really hard to buy presents for.

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