Matty J reveals shock moment man tries to 'bash' him on a flight

The former Bachelor has shared a wild tale of a man 'flipping out' after he seated his two young daughters.

Matty J on podcast and Matty J with Laura Byrne and daughters
Matty J has told a dramatic story about how he nearly got bashed on a plane while trying to seat his two young daughters. Photo:

Former Bachelor Matty J has told a chaotic story on his podcast Two Doting Dads about how a man threatened to bash him on a domestic flight while he was with his two young daughters Marlie and Lola. Speaking with his co-host Ash Wicks, Matty told the outrageous story saying the comment from the man threatening him was completely unprovoked.

"I almost got bashed on a plane," Matty stated. He then explained that he got his two daughters into their seats before the guy in front of him looked over and said, "Do you want me to break your f***ing nose?"

Matty clarified the wild comment came completely out of nowhere but said the flight attendant on board happened to be right next to him and heard the whole exchange firsthand.

"She clocked it and he starts flipping out, saying that I'm stopping him from putting his seat back, and I wasn't even touching the seat!" Matty said. "Then she said, 'don't react to him, I'm gonna sort this out', and then cops come on. And they tap on the shoulder, and they say, 'hey there's just been a really small problem with your booking'... they're very good at keeping it calm."

Matty J and Ash on Two Doting Dads
Matty still doesn't know why the man was so enraged. Photo: Instagram

All's well that ends well, with the cops telling the man he was going to be on the next flight, though Matty said there was a moment of concern where he wasn't sure if the man was going to look at him and blame him for getting kicked off.


And on the learning outcome of the story for everyone involved? "You shouldn't put your seat back on a domestic flight," Matty quipped.

"Nothing makes trying to settle both your kids on a plane an easier task than the person in front threatening to break your nose 🙃 Shout out to the awesome Jetstar flight attendant who overheard the situation and got him off the flight without hesitating. YOU’RE MY HERO!!" Matty captioned the video.

Fans in the comments were sympathetic to the situation, with some saying it must have been scary for Marlie and Lola.

"This must have been scary for the girls! Can't understand why some people act like this especially in front of children," one person said. "Also you aren’t meant to recline your seat until the seatbelt sign is switched off 🖕 seriously what a F$&kwit but also an awful experience for you!!!" another said.


Others praised the flight staff for their quick response.

"This is so great they managed the situation! Better to get old mate off the flight than have him erupt mid-air!!" one person said. "Wow so lucky he didn't go crazy when they asked him to get off. They don't get enough praise for the training and s**t they've gone through," another commented.

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