Is Matty J secretly planning to get back with his ex?

Rebekah Scanlan

We're just a few hours from ~finally~ finding out who won Matty J's heart on The Bachelor.

But as we excitedly prepare to discover if the marketing hunk chooses Laura Byrne or Elise Stacy, the propspect of him finding true love have been questioned.

Will it be Laura or Elise? According to the latest report it'll be neither! Source: Channel 10

According to a report on the Daily Mail, Matty J only became The Bachelor to boost his "image," asking his ex Nathalie Darcas to reunite once he was done filming.

Their insider claims the 30-year-old deliberately broke things off with bikini model Nathalie Darcas so he could gain a better public profile.

Matty J dated Nathalie at the end of last year. Source: Instagram

"He asked Nat to wait for him and they'd get back together after the show," their source said. "He told her it would help both of their images."

Matty J and Nathalie dated briefly just months after he was dumped by Georgia Love on The Bachelorette last year. They broke up not long after, something he has always remained tight lipped about.

Laura has been the fave to win since day one. Source: Channel 10

However, the whole of Australia has watched him passionately search for The One over the last eight weeks, with his hunt coming to a dramatic close this evening as he decides between early favourite, Laura, and dark horse Elise.

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But it could be Elise that wins the Bachelor's heart. Source: Channel 10

The 6ft 1 hottie has also confirmed he found love on the show, so the chances that he'll get back with his ex are looking P-R-E-T-T-Y slim.

Only two hours left until final episode of The Bachelor starts, on Channel 10. Woo!

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