May the force be with you! Melissa Rivers confesses crush on Star Wars actor Mark Hamill

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Melissa Rivers has a huge crush on 'Star Wars' actor Mark Hamill.
The 53-year-old actress - whose mother was late comedian Joan Rivers, whilst her father was film and TV producer Edgar Rosenberg - has had a sweet spot for Mark, 70, ever since she saw him play Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker in the original movie in the sci-fi franchise, 1977's 'Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope'.
Melissa got a chance to meet her crush and indulged her nerd side by wearing a 'Star Wars' T-shirt.
Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she confessed: "I had a huge crush on Mark Hamill after seeing the original 'Star Wars'. I wore my 'Star Wars' T-shirt when I met him!"
Melissa - whose has just released her new memoir 'Lies My Mother Told Me: Tall Tales from a Short Woman' - was talking to the publication for the '25 Things You Don't Know About Me' feature.
In it, the 'Jury Duty' star also revealed she is a very "clumsy" person and has suffered numerous injuries because of her clumsiness.
She said: "I’m seriously clumsy ... I have a scar on my left foot from surfing."
But Melissa won't let the potential for accidents stop her from doing anything, and she is still a keen sports woman.
She revealed: "I play tennis, paddle tennis and pickleball ... I’ve been riding horses my entire life. Now I’m learning how to play polo.
"I was an assistant coach for my son’s fourth-grade football team. Now I’m a lacrosse mom."

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