Maya Jama has regular digital detoxes

Maya Jama has a "digital detox" when she's not working.
The 24-year-old DJ-and-presenter confessed that when she was younger she would obsess over "tiny details" on social media but has since learned to "post whatever she likes" and will often restrict her time on her phone.
In an interview with HELLO! magazine, she said: "I always just post what I like.
"I used to think about it more - all the tiny details that nobody would ever notice.
"But as I've grown up I just post whatever I like.
"I have a digital detox when I'm on holiday and when I'm not working. I only allow myself a few hours a day to look at my phone. "
The 'Circle' host - who is in a relationship with rapper Stormzy - went on to explain that if she could tell her younger self something, she would advise her to "stop caring" about other people's opinions, and revealed that she always feels more confident in a dress that fits well and when her hair "looks gorgeous".
She said: "When I wear a really nice outfit one that looks good and fits well.
"When my hair looks gorgeous, too that's such a boost.
"Also one piece of advice I would give to my younger self is to stop caring what other people think. Life is too short. "
Maya added that her beauty regime is "basic" on a day-to-day basis and revealed that she doesn't often wear foundation.
She said: "On a day-to-day basis I wear basic make-up.
"Concealer, mascara, bronzer and eyebrows.
"I love MAC bronzers; there are loads of shades so I can always find one to match my skin.
"I use a Maybelline brow pencil.
"I never really wear foundation unless I'm on the red carpet. My lifelong lipstick love is Mac's Ruby Woo."

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