McDonald's customer's confusion over empty UberEats delivery: 'Some kind of sick joke'

The Macca's wrapper had an oil stain on it, despite there being no burger in sight.

The McDonald's customer holds up the order showing 'no' on the long list of ingredients for the burger (left) and she holds up the empty wrapper (right).
The McDonald's customer was left with an empty wrapper after she claims the UberEats app 'glitched'. Source: TikTok

McDonald's is a guilty pleasure for many Aussies and one woman who was keen to indulge in hers was instead left empty-handed last week, believing she was served a portion of "straight karma" after her cheeseburger delivery from the fast food chain went wrong.

The Sydney woman said she ordered a cheeseburger on the UberEats app last Tuesday and after eagerly waiting for her meal, she was left with nothing but the wrapper, claiming it was some kind of "glitch".

"I tried to order a cheeseburger and it said no to everything so this is what I was sent," the woman said on social media, holding up the wrapper with the Macca's logo on it. It appears something went awry with her order, meaning every ingredient of the burger had been removed, leaving her with "nothing".

She asked if it was "some kind of sick joke" as the wrapper had an oil stain on it despite there being no burger in sight, however, she confirmed she was at least pleased to receive the fries.

The Golden Arches logo of the fast food restaurant McDonald's is displayed outside a branch.
Yahoo News understands both McDonald's and UberEats are investigating the incident. Source: Getty Images

It isn't the first time an Aussie has been left with nothing after placing a Macca's delivery, with another woman ordering through the UberEats app and opening a burger box only for there to be nothing inside.

That woman also claimed there was a "glitch" on the app, which ended up deselecting every ingredient of the burger, much like the Sydney woman claims. A pregnant woman experienced the same fate in March after her Macca's delivery in Western Australia was dropped off with a note that read, "It's a no for everything so we have just given the wrapping."

Yahoo News understands both McDonald's and UberEats are investigating the incident and both encourage diners to flag any issue with their order. UberEats delivers thousands of orders every day, many of which are Macca's orders, and few contain errors.

McDonald's told Yahoo News it is "committed to giving our customers a great experience every time they visit our restaurants".

"We are investigating this and encourage the customer to contact our customer service team so we can look into it in more detail," a spokesperson said.

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