McDonald's Facing Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit After Coffee Spill Gives Elderly Woman Third-Degree Burns

A scalding-hot cup of coffee has McDonald's in legal trouble once again. According to The San Francisco Standard, the fast food giant is being sued by a woman in her 80s who suffered "severe burns" following an incident in June of this year.

The burns occurred when she attempted to take a sip from a cup of coffee she purchased at a San Francisco McDonald's. The lawsuit states that as Mable Childress drank the piping hot beverage, the lid fell off and scalding coffee poured onto her lap. As a result of the spill, she suffered third-degree burns to her groin, legs, and abdomen. She is also in “emotional distress,” “continues to experience pain,” and was scarred on her groin area, according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, Childress claims she did not receive help from McDonald's staff after the spill and says that they ignored her. “She was standing there for quite some time, around 20 to 25 minutes, asking for a manager,” said her lawyer, Dylan Hackett. The coffee that burned Childress was much hotter than 190 degrees, according to Hackett.

Although the specific amount is unclear, Childress is suing the popular restaurant for a sum in the millions. News of Childress' lawsuit comes just a few months after a young girl in Florida was awarded $800,000 from McDonald's after she was burned by a chicken nugget. The family initially sued the fast food restaurant for $15 million.

McDonald's has been at the center of other coffee lawsuits over the last several years, including a famous case in 1994 when a 79-year-old woman spilled extraordinarily hot McDonald's coffee on herself and suffered third-degree burns.

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