This New McDonald's Hack Could Save You An Absurd Amount Of Money

All the $1 items might be gone from the McDonald's Dollar Menu, but there's a new money-saving hack that (kinda) makes up for it. Over on TikTok, former McDonald's corporate chef Mike Haracz shared a unique way you can save up to $2 when ordering a Big Mac.

According to Haracz, who previously revealed the worst time to visit McDonald's, the hack is quite simple: order "a McDouble like a Mac."

"Don't order a Big Mac. You should be ordering this every time. A McDouble like a Mac. You save like $2. And if a restaurant is not willing to do that for you, maybe don't go to that one, go to a different one. Because this is the superior way. McDouble only has one slice of cheese, just like a Big Mac. There's no middle bun. It is so much better and cheaper," he explained.

The hack gets a bit trickier when you attempt to order the "McDouble like a Mac" via the McDonald's app. Fortunately, a number of people in the comments of Haracz's video chimed in with a way you can finagle your way into ordering the Mac'd out McDouble.

"Go to the window use app code to place order it will be saved in app and you can reorder anytime thank me later!!" one person wrote.

Others have warned that some McDonald's locations will charge extra for customizations to the McDouble.

"The mcdonalds near me charge 2 bucks extra to get it dressed like a Mac," said another user.

Will you be trying out this McDonald's hack?

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