McDonald's Is Making A Major Change And People Can't Believe It

It's time to make that refill count because self-serve beverage stations will soon be a thing of the past at McDonald's.

According to an email obtained by QSR Web, a website that provides quick service restaurant and fast food news, by 2032, self-serve beverage stations will be no more at McDonald's. Once the McDonald's beverage stations are retired, crew members will once again pour drinks and refills for customers.

QSR Web reports that the decision to get rid of the beverage stations was "to simplify and create consistency in the beverage processes for restaurant crew and customers."

McDonald's opting to get rid of its beverage stations has spurred a new conversation on one particular aspect of fast food dining. A Reddit thread about the changes includes numerous posts from people expressing concern over chains moving away from the dine-in experience.

"It's fast food restaurants with the ability to eat in will be gone in 10 years. It's unbelievably unfair to those who don't have vehicles. During Covid I wasn't able to get food at a lot of places. No lobby open even for walk in. No walking to the window...Soon it'll be all run by robots with maybe one employee for errors or unruly people," one person wrote.

"New restaurants are getting rid of inside dining entirely… just pickup and drive thru… less to clean and maintain… they don’t even offer bathrooms for guests…," another person added.

Will you miss McDonald's self-serve beverage stations?

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