Megan Barton-Hanson gives out sex toys to help Brits urged to stay at home during coronavirus lockdown

Megan Barton-Hanson is giving out sex toys to help people through the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK has been put on lockdown and the 'Love Island' star - who works as the director of Ann Summers' Pleasure Positivity Project - wants to help people cure their boredom by giving away a variety of sex toys to improve mental well-being.

She said in a video: "Hi everyone! What a weird and crazy week this has been. I've been speaking to the team at Ann Summers and thinking of a way we can help everyone now we have more time on our hands. Some of us will be spending more time alone, but the lucky ones will be spending more time with a partner - time that we don't usually get. At Ann Summers, we wanted to help the best way we know how."

And in the caption, she added: "As the director of @annsummers Pleasure Positivity Project I am aware more than ever of the positive effects sex and pleasure can have on mental well-being. I've been working with @annsummers on pulling together some amazing pleasure positivity parcels, which include all your stay at home essentials ... And they are offering you the chance to win one! #BePleasurePositive (sic)"

Meanwhile, Megan previously revealed she wants to become a sex education teacher.

She said: "Sex education is really important and I want to go back to school to teach kids and answer questions they might be too embarrassed or shy to ask their teachers. Schools have a responsibility, as do parents, to teach their kids. I think if it's awkward and weird coming from a much older teacher it doesn't work or sink in. Me teaching sex education in schools would be brilliant."