Megan Fox’s Fiery-Red Bob Is Thanks to a $17 Hair Dye

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The brand is known for its damage-free, vibrant formulas.

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Megan Fox’s bright red bob has been all over my social media feeds. I get it, it’s a bold and vibrant red that is another nail in the coffin of this summer’s biggest trend. The moody color is perfect for fall foliage and the impending Halloween month. Considering that she is a celebrity with a dedicated glam team, I assumed this was an expensive salon job. But in a shock greater than Fox’s hair transformation, the product responsible is Lime Crime’s $17 Semi-Permanent Unicorn Hair Dye.

Megan Fox’s hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, whose other clients include Amal Clooney and Gigi Hadid, mixed two shades — Valentine (crimson red) and Flaming Red (bright fire red) — to create her look. It’s surprising that she opted for a home dye kit rather than a salon. But it’s not surprising that the brand Fox and her stylist opted for was Lime Crime. The brand was one of the stalwarts of non-traditional dye colors. I distinctly remember it being one of two or three brands that had pastel pinks and purples, mermaid aquas, and neon greens.

Flaming Red




Price and procedure-wise, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is essentially box dye. But it has a plethora of benefits that help explain why it’s a cut above the rest. Unicorn Hair is vegan and packed with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients you’d expect to see in a conditioner like fatty acids and vitamins. They give your hair moisture, hydration, and shine in a process that often dries and damages hair.


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Lime Crime


The color, per tons of reviewers, is also simply better — richer, more vibrant, and longer lasting than its competitors. “It leaves the hair super soft, smelling good, and in good overall condition,” one shopper wrote. Plus, “it lasts an amazingly long time,” they said. Another reviewer said they used it on their daughter and “the color came out vibrant and rich.” “She has light brown hair and other dyes did not take well on her hair,” but this was an exception she added.

For best use, consult the instructions or Lime Crime’s thorough DIY dye tips. But, generally speaking, Unicorn Hair dye shades will be brightest and most vibrant on bleached, platinum–medium blonde hair. On darker hair, it will be a subtle, deep tint.

If you have darker hair and would like the neon-red Megan Fox look, I recommend Lime Crime’s Bleach Party Kit which is so popular that it’s sold out everywhere but Target. To complete Fox’s red-hot look, pick up a tub of Flaming Red and or Valentine

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