What Meghan will have to give up to marry Harry

Allison Yee

Royal watchers are on high alert as we wait with bated breath for news of a royal engagement.

The announcement feels imminent after British bookmaker Ladbrokes became so convinced that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will wed in 2018, that they suddenly stopped taking bets on it.

It came after news that Meghan has quietly moved into Kensington Palace with Harry, and after the bookie apparently noticed the BBC making broadcast preparations for the official announcement.

Their engagement announcement is believed to be imminent, but what will it actually mean for Meghan? Photo: Getty

So, if they are correct and we can expect to see a royal ring in the coming days/weeks, we can rest assured that the Suits actress’ life will never be the same again.

But not in the way that you think.

Sure, she’ll have tamed the world’s most eligible bachelor and be the centre of the powerful royal spotlight, but protocol also dictates there’s certain things Meghan will have to give up.

After dating a year, the couple have been the centre of engagement rumours. Photo: Getty

Her name

Forget Meghan, those addressing the actress following her royal marriage will have to refer to her as “Ma’am”.

According to The Mirror, Meghan will also take on the female version of Harry’s full title, so she’ll forever after be known as Her Royal Highness Princess of Wales.

Other reports suggest she'll also be named a Duchess like Kate Middleton. “Most likely, he [Harry] will be created a Duke. Sussex is available so she [Meghan] would be HRH the Duchess of Sussex,” Royal Historian Marlene Koenig told royalcentral.co.uk.

It'll be Meghan no more if the actress ties the knot with Harry. Photo: Getty


It’s the TV show that shot her to fame, but Meghan has already called it quits on her high profile role on Suits.

Acting isn't exactly a career that is compatible with royal life, so it seems unlikely that we'll see the brunette on screen again if she gets a ring from Harry.

Case in point: silver screen legend Grace Kelly turned her back on Hollywood after marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

But luckily, Meghan is already a keen humanitarian, so she will be able to use her passion and skill set in charity work to continue the legacy of her late mother-in-law Diana.

After seven seasons of Suits, this is Meghan's last. Photo: Getty


Believe it or not, it’s custom for the royal family to avoid shellfish to avoid food poisoning.

While the rule has relaxed a little, the Queen staunchly refuses to touch any shellfish served to her.


Signing autographs for eager fans would come as second nature to the TV star, but tying the knot with Harry means no more public signings.

Protocol forbids royals from doing so to protect them from having their signature forged or reproduced.

Life in the royal family is full of rules and regulations. Photo: Getty

Eat at her own pace

Meghan best start preparing for the traditions and intricacies of royal dinners and events – and that includes making sure she eats her food when she can.

According to protocol, when the Queen stops eating, so does everyone else, regardless of where you are with your meal.

Harry's grown up with her, but imagine having the Queen as your grandma-in-law. Photo: Getty

All these rules have seen some wonder whether Meghan knows exactly what she’s getting into by marrying Harry

“Within the confines of our Royal Family she will sooner or later be compelled to give up her acting career, her independence, her home, her opinions and, I fear, her free spirit. All the things Harry so admires,” wrote commentator Alison Phillips in The Mirror in August this year.

Since then, we've already seen her throw in the towel at Suits, and relocate from her home in Toronto to London's Kensington Palace.

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