Meghan Trainor Thinks She Landed Pringles Super Bowl Commercial Because She's Pregnant — Watch

Meghan Trainor knows that starring in a Super Bowl commercial is a big deal.

In January, PEOPLE exclusively revealed the Grammy-winning singer as the celebrity featured in this year's Pringles Super Bowl 2023 commercial. Trainor, who recently announced she's pregnant with her second baby with husband, Daryl Sabara, spoke with PEOPLE about what it means to land the role.

"I think babies bring good luck. I fully believe that because a couple weeks after I found out I was pregnant, we got a call. [Pringles] asked me to be in their big game commercial, and I was like, 'Me? Are they sure?' I was crying," she says.

She adds: "I teared up and called my family. My brothers are big sports guys, so they were like, 'Oh my God!' It was like I won a Grammy all over again. It was the best call of my life."

In the full commercial above — which will also air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl on Feb. 12 — Pringles addresses the age-old issue of what to do when you get your hand unexpectedly stuck in a Pringles tube.

The ad celebrates that "it happens to the best of us," and features everyone from a surgeon and a judge to a game show contestant and of course, Trainor, performing daily tasks all while their hands are stuck in the containers. As Tina Turner's "The Best" plays over the video, Trainor pets her real-life dog with the tin.

"That's my dog, Roo. She's a star. She got extra treats that day, and she ate the Pringles so it was great," she says. "And my older brother was there; he was the dog wrangler."

A long-time fan of the iconic big game commercials, Trainor's gig is a natural fit.

"I'm not the best at following sports, but I'm in it for the commercials when I'm watching the Super Bowl," she tells PEOPLE.

The soon-to-be mom of two says her Super Bowl commercial viewing party will be a family affair. (Trainor and Sabara are already parents to 21-month-old son Riley.)

"[With Pringles], snacks are covered. I just can't wait to have another excuse to get the whole family together again and just celebrate and have a good day off," she adds.

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The previously released teaser for the video featured Trainor bringing her popular TikTok moves to the Pringles clip.

In the opening of the teaser, Trainor sets up her phone on a tabletop tripod. Wearing all black, she practices the now-viral TikTok dance to her song "Made You Look." (The choreography was created by TikTokers @brookieandjessie — and their original video to Trainor's song has garnered over 55 million views.)

In the Super Bowl ad, Trainor munches on cheddar cheese Pringles chips. At one point she dips her hand in the iconic cylinder-shaped tube to grab one more and gets her hand stuck inside. Shaking the orange Pringles tin, she says "come on!" and sighs "uh, oh," as her song continues playing in the fun clip.

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The upcoming 2023 ad is the first time in five years that the snack brand will feature a celebrity in their commercial for the big game.

Along with working on the highly anticipated ad, Trainor has been busy evolving as an artist over the past year.

Meghan Trainor Grooves to Viral TikTok Dance in Teaser for the Pringles 2023 Super Bowl Ad
Meghan Trainor Grooves to Viral TikTok Dance in Teaser for the Pringles 2023 Super Bowl Ad


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In October, she spoke with PEOPLE about how her work is ever-changing and opened up about how different she is now compared to when she first made it big in the music scene back in 2014.

"I'm a mom now, and I've been through some more stuff," she told PEOPLE exclusively.

"It's almost been 10 years since my first album — which Jesus," she continued with a laugh. "So I just feel like my music is elevated, and my music videos are also elevated."

The singer-songwriter added: "Everything's just gotten better.