Meghan Trainor wants to be 'knocked up' by 2023

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Meghan Trainor wants to be "knocked up" before the end of 2022.
The 28-year-old pop star - who has been married to actor Daryl Sabara since 2018 and already has 18-month old son Riley with him - explained that she wanted to get pregnant "months ago" but has been too busy with work commitments and is hoping to be expecting again by December.
She said: "If I could’ve got pregnant months ago, I would’ve. We’re just busy and I don’t want to be, like, nauseous while doing all this fun stuff. I'm about to travel the world really quick. But November, December, I’ma be trying to get knocked up."
Meanwhile, the 'All About That Bass' hitmaker - who is gearing up to release her fifth studio album 'Takin' It Back' in October - has made friends with other celebrity mothers such as 'Lizzie McGuire' actress Hilary Duff and fellow pop singer Mandy Moore and joked that she and her husband are still "freaking out" at being part of the friendship circle.
She told UsWeekly: "Hilary invited me, blessed me with that opportunity and I owe her my life. Every day I’m like, ‘Be cool, be cool, be cool.’ It’s been, like, a year and a half, and I’m like, ‘Be cool. You know, Daryl named his hamster Mandy Moore growing up. So we’re acting as we’re there trying to be very cool about it, but we’re freaking out. This is where we escape work and we just hang and chill and talk about our babies. We chat about what’s weird [and what’s] happening this week."