Mel B Gets 'Revenge' By Stabbing Simon Cowell In 'AGT' Act

Ron Dicker

When given the chance to stab Simon Cowell for a mentalist’s act Tuesday on “America’s Got Talent,” Mel B didn’t hesitate.

She immediately tried to plunge the knife several times into his chest, only to discover that it was rubber. 

The setup for her murderous moment was a bit involved (watch the performance below), but the payoff sure was fun.

The mentalist, Colin Cloud, had earlier proposed that Mel B could get her “revenge” on Cowell, who made a distasteful remark on the show last week about her marriage. Mel B has been locked in ugly divorce proceedings, so she threw water at her fellow judge and walked off the stage in what she later said was a “jokey” gesture.

Fast forward to Tuesday’s live show. Cloud’s act revolved around solving Cowell’s future murder. He asked an audience member to choose one of five knives for Mel B to do the deed.

In one of the act’s big reveals, Cloud later demonstrated that the other blades were real.

I nearly got murdered on live TV,” Cowell said, per Entertainment Tonight.

Because ... ratings, Simon!

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.