Mel Greig: How to spot a creeper

Mel Greig

I’ve been avoiding writing this article and holding onto it for a few months because I don’t want the fun to end, but it’s causing me too much confusion to ignore it any longer. I need to end this imaginary relationship.

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A lot of people don’t realise that you can actually see who watches your Insta-stories (this is the photo and video story line on your Instagram profile pic that people tap to watch), so if I’m having a lazy day on the couch I’ll utilise my valuable time by scrolling through the 1000 + views by seeing who has been watching my super exciting life unfold on a daily basis.

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Now, the best thing about Insta-stories is that regular viewers of your page or vice versa will appear at the top of the list, which makes your research even easier. Majority of the people on the list don’t come as a surprise - they are either people you’ve been flirting with, friends, or just regular Instagram users - and to the regular flirters please continue as you were, this isn’t directed at you.

Oh, hey there creeper. I see you. Photo: Instagram

There is one particular guy though, that has completely stumped me. He has mind-f**ked me so much that I now need to express my frustration and try to pull this apart and make sense of it. I thought I had single life understood and that I’d worked out a lot of the games and mind-f**king, but this guy turned me into a crazy person.

I met this guy a few times and the end result was that he didn’t want to date a cougar (we are an acquired taste) which is totally fine. It’s not my first rejection and won’t be my last. But then he started doing something and it doesn’t make sense.

Want to waste some serious hours? Fall into the 'who's looking at my Insta-stories' black hole. Photo: Instagram

This guy would watch ALL of my Insta-stories… and within a couple of hours of posting too. Even the updates which means he was going back to it to watch them. WTF? What am I supposed to do with that? Why is he doing that if he isn’t interested? Surely these are the actions of someone who is keen? Whhhhhhhhy? Why are you watching what I do if you don’t give a rat’s ass? This has truly stumped me.

I had to contact my besties boyfriend to try and understand what’s going on in this guy’s mind. He thinks old mate is having a creep because he is curious, just wants to see what my life is like, and what I get up to. He doesn’t need to like me to do that - if he liked me he would have contacted me, apparently. This theory makes sense but it’s still confusing.

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I’m having flashbacks to last week’s article about how different women and men are, how we think differently. This situation turned me into a crazy, confused person and now I need to end this imaginary relationship. I will no longer look at who is creeping on me and unless you want to be mind-f**ked, I suggest you do the same because it might not mean what you want it to.

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