Melania Trump wears a bizarre suit

Kristine Tarbert

Melania Trump has turned heads once again with her latest outfit choice.

The First Lady wore a pinstripe suit complete with tie on Wednesday when she welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie, alongside Donald Trump at the White House.

Melania Trump wears a suit to welcome the Canadian Prime Minister. Photo: Getty

She seems to have been wearing more suits lately, although we’re not sure this one is one of her better choices.

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The suit swallows up her feet completely. Photo: Getty

Melania accessorised the suit with a plain white blouse and a black tie, which she decided to leave undone.

Is she getting her inspiration from the one and only Charlie Chaplin?

Melania's suit reminds us of Charlie Chaplin. Photo: Getty

Or maybe she’s channelling scenes from the movie Annie Hall.

Standing next to Donald Trump the suit looks just a little bit off – her legs go on forever, and her feet have been completely swallowed up by the pants.

We think Sophie Trudeau wins this one. Photo: Getty

It’s like, does she even have feet? #savemelaniasfeet

The menswear-inspired outfit isn’t our favourite choice, especially when you have Sophie Trudeau looking stunning in a navy-blue frock complete with neck tie.

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