Melinda Messenger says 'outdated' Page Three topless photos had to go

Melinda Messenger believes it was right that topless models were ditched from Page Three because it had become "so outdated".

The former glamour model rose to fame by baring her breasts for The Sun newspaper's daily photo feature but was pleased to see it scrapped by the publication in 2015 and see The Daily Star follow suit in April 2019 although they continue to run photos of models in swimwear and lingerie.

Melinda insists in the year 2020 it is an outdated concept and she is also happy that the 'lads' mags' ceased to be a trend because they had an "unhealthy" impact on female representation.

In an interview in New! magazine, she said: "[Page Three] became so outdated, it was time to finish it. The idea of it feels quite cheesy, in fact.

"It's the same with lads' mags - I'm glad that they're done because they were an unhealthy way to represent women.

"It did appeal to the teenage boy, but thanks to the internet those pictures are available anytime, anywhere now."

The 49-year-old blonde was happy to embrace the opportunity to be a glamour model in the 90s because at the time because there was "a sense of adventure" and it was an exciting time.

Asked why she posed for Page Three, she explained: "Because I was offered it! I knew I'd never experience anything like it again, so I took the first job with a sense of adventure.

"I genuinely didn't expect anything to come out of it, I thought it would just be a few pictures and that would be it. And 25 years later we're still talking about it!

"There was no internet back then and I still can't figure out why I became so popular. I never had a strategy. I only took the jobs I wanted to."