Mexico’s Sheinbaum Declines to ‘Draw the Line’ With AMLO

(Bloomberg) -- Mexico’s President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum chafed against the suggestion she should draw a line with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, saying that it would be a betrayal of the Mexican people.

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“I read in a newspaper, ‘Claudia should draw a line with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,’ but that would be drawing a line with the people of Mexico,” Sheinbaum said at an event commemorating Lopez Obrador’s electoral win.

Sheinbaum has faced pressure to clarify her positions relative to the outgoing president. She reiterated at the event that she is in favor of a plan that would modify the judiciary so that judges are selected by popular vote. She previously joked about the idea that Lopez Obrador, whose Morena party she also represents, would be calling her with demands.

In a story published earlier Monday by daily newspaper Reforma, female business leaders from Jalisco state, where the opposition Movimiento Ciudadano party won the state gubernatorial election in June, suggested that Sheinbaum draw a line and bring her personal style to the government.

Lopez Obrador, who by law could only serves as president for a single term, will be replaced by Sheinbaum on Oct. 1.

Analysts have praised the portions of the cabinet Sheinbaum has named so far as being knowledgeable on the areas she has selected them for, but she has yet to lay out detailed policy plans. The interior minister, security chief, and head of state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos are among the important figures she still has to announce.

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