Michael B. Jordan gets 'sick and rundown' due to lack of free time

Michael B. Jordan often gets "sick and rundown" because he struggles to keep up with the pace of his busy life.
The 'Creed' star has admitted he's terrible at carving out free time to relax in his busy schedule as he rarely has any days off - and he understands it's not healthy but he's determined to work hard for all of his success.
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he explained: "You know, I just don’t have a lot of free time. It seems like what I have to do supersedes that so often. And I know it’s not good. [I get] sick and rundown, and my body’s quitting on me all the time, saying, ‘Mike, f****** relax. You can’t keep this pace up.’
"But again, that goes back to making sure I deserve it. Things came easier for me. So I worked twice as hard. I put myself through that torture, that pain, to feel like I deserved the blessings that I have."
The actor added giving himself some free time is "something I have not mastered" and said he tries to meditate or take himself off for drive in a bid to relax.
He went on: "I meditate when I can. When I’m in the shower or if I’m cooking. Going for a drive. Three o’clock in the morning, go for a drive. Music on. Driving."
However, when asked if he has any plans to slow down his busy schedule, the actor confessed: "I don’t see myself slowing down. Even when I say I want to slow down - I do, in theory, [it] sounds good. But then, I’m so curious. I want to leave nothing on the table. Life’s short. Like, I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. I want to squeeze every f****** drop out of this."