Michael Buble has no fear

Michael Bublé lives with "no fear" after going through his son's cancer battle.

The 42-year-old singer and his wife Luisana Lopilato were left devastated when their son Noah, five, was diagnosed with liver cancer in October 2016, but now the tot has entered remission, Michael says everything in their lives has improved.

Speaking to Stellar magazine, he said: "I truly thought I would never go back [to music]. I was done. It just seemed completely unimportant compared to what was going on with Noah. Things got very clear for me, very quickly. I live with no fear now. I've been to hell.

"[Now Noah's better], food never tasted so good, music never sounded so good, my relationship with my family, my faith ... all of it. My wife and I, we got happy, we fell in love again."

The 'Feeling Good' hitmaker - who also has son Elias, two, and new-born daughter Vida, almost one month - previously revealed Noah has been "perfect" since his cancer went into remission.

He said: "He's perfect. Clinically speaking, it was a tumour within the liver.

"And the most important thing was to get it out, with clean margins. Because if you do, it goes from being this scary thing to just being tremendous odds.

"No one likes talking about percentages but, honestly, [we have] a percentage where we can live our life, and not live in fear every day. We know we're OK now. But what we went through was f***ing brutal. I'm sorry for the language but ..."

Michael finds it hard to talk about his son's ordeal but he and his wife want to help other families, leaving him feeling conflicted.

Recalling meeting a woman on a children's hospital ward in Vancouver, he explained: "She said to me: 'Would you forgive me for saying something terrible?' I said: 'Ah... OK...' And she said: 'I was happy when I read about you'. I said: 'What?' 'Well, I knew that it wasn't just me. If it could happen to you, to your son, then, hey, it could happen to all of us'.

"I just don't talk about this... But it's such a deep conflict within me. That's something my wife and I talk about a lot: we feel this sense of responsibility to help other parents. But at the same time, it's my kid's life. This boy is a hero. He's my hero."