Michael Hutchence's 'biggest secret is yet to be revealed'

Olivia Morris

It has been 20 years since Michael Hutchence passed away and now his brother Rhett has said that the singer has a massive secret that "is yet to be revealed".

On the anniversary of his death, Rhett wrote a lengthy emotional open letter to his rockstar brother on Facebook.

"Your biggest secret is still safe and yet to be revealed," he wrote.

Michael Hutchence's brother Rhett posted this photo with his open letter. Source: Facebook
It has been 20 years since the singer (here in 1993) passed away. Source: Getty

Rhett also wrote in his tribute how their children are friends and "will continue to be best friends forever".

"Our children are all good friends and see each other, except Banjo, whom Tiger is still to meet," he said. "I imagine they all will continue to be best friends forever, which is nice to know."

The late singer's brother also reflected on how much he has learnt about him since he passed away 20 years ago.

"I have learned a lot in these 20 years," Rhett wrote. "And I have learned a lot about you."

Michael is here a few months before he died in 1997. Source: Getty

In the emotional testament Rhett also admitted he was "shocked" to find out about his late brother's drug use.

"Your drug use shocked me, some roads I thought you’d never take," Rhett said in the open letter. "I guess you never healed your hurt. I wish the world had known more about the dangers of Prozac and suicidal tendencies back then.

"I wish you had of had some more sleep, and not had a groggy head full of coke induced bad outcomes. I wish you had heard what you wanted to hear that night.

"But you thought ‘F**k it f**k you all’ and like a Hutchence, did things your own way. I know now what happened. I know it was a drug and alcohol induced combination downward spiral that showed little light at the end of the tunnel.

"If only you knew what a gorgeous day it was in Sydney that day and support was there," Rhett wrote in the emotional post.

Michael had one daughter with the late Paula Yates. They are pictured here together in 1996. Source: Getty

He went on to write about his life now and told his brother he wasn't angry for how he left, just sad how he left.

The INXS musician passed away in 1997 and his death was ruled a suicide.

Michael's daughter Tiger Lily was raised by Bob Geldof. Pictured here in 2005. Source: Getty

He was found dead in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney.

Michael had one child with the late Paula Yates, Tiger Lily, now 21, who was raised by Bob Geldof.

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