Michael Mosley's heartbreaking last interview finally broadcast

The popular TV doctor opened up on what was important to him just two weeks before his death.

A picture of Mosley (right) shared to help find him on the island.
A picture of Dr Michael Mosley (right) shared to help find him on the island of Symi.

Dr Michael Mosley's final interview has been broadcast in the UK, where the much-loved TV personality revealed his secrets to living a fulfilling life. The 67-year-old recorded a special edition of one of his radio podcasts at the annual literary event, Hay Festival on May 25, just two weeks before his death on the Greek island of Symi.

Dr Mosley, who was well-known to Australian audiences for his health advice, was found dead after a four-day search commenced when his wife raised the alarm after he failed to show from a coastal walk in sweltering conditions. His death has been confirmed to be a result of natural causes, likely heat exhaustion. His body was found slumped against a fence near a beach resort.

Speaking with psychologist Professor Paul Bloom, Dr Mosley said one of his obsessions had been the question of how to live a good life for a long time. In a seperate interview shortly before his final one, he also stressed he didn't want to die early like his father had.

Dr Michael Mosley and his wife Dr Claire Bailey. Source: PA
Dr Michael Mosley and his wife Dr Claire Bailey. Source: PA

Prof Bloom gave five ideas on how to live a good life, including "losing yourself". Dr Mosley said he was surprised relationships weren't included, saying how important they were to him.

"I personally think is most important when it comes to living rich and fulfilling life. That's the relationships with your friends and loved ones," he said.

In a video shared to his wife Dr Claire Bailey's Instagram account after the interview, she tells her audience they've "absolutely loved" their time there. Dr Mosley says it had been "enormous fun".

TV doctor and presenter Chris van Tulleken – who was a friend of Dr Mosley and worked alongside him on BBC's Trust Me, I'm A Doctor – introduced his last recording.

"What you're about to hear was minutes before I met up with Michael," he said. "What I didn't know it was the last time I ever saw him. Two weeks later he died on holiday in Greece. As you are listening to Michael, I want you to reflect on his style - dryly witty, modest, humble. This style disguises that he is one of the most important broadcasters of recent decades."

Tributes from across the UK, and around the world, have poured in for Dr Mosley. The BBC on Friday televised a special broadcast about his life and how he changed others across the UK.

His body is expected to be flown back to the UK from Greece in the coming days.

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