Michelin-Starred Chef Reveals A Surprising Secret To His Scrambled Eggs

Suzy Strutner

Many food gurus have attempted to perfect scrambled eggs, some by adding ingredients and others by altering cooking times and methods. But instead of making things egg-stra complicated, this restaurateur’s hack simplifies them, with a beautiful result to boot.

Chef Daniel Patterson is promoting a new cookbook, “The Art of Flavor,” which has resurfaced his signature recipe for cooking scrambled eggs in boiling water, not a pan. Patterson’s trick involves pouring already-beaten eggs into a whirlpool of hot water as if you were poaching them (see the video above for a how-to).

Mmm, scramble-y.

We imagine this quick 20-second process may not result in creamy scrambled eggs like Gordon Ramsay’s four-minute method. While Patterson’s eggs are photo-worthy, the resulting eggs do look a bit dry in the video.

But if you’re short on time with a high affection for little cleanup, this method sure does the trick.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.