Michelle Heaton reflects on one year of sobriety and reads out emotional letter from husband whilst she was in The Priory

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Michelle Heaton's husband told her about the impact of her addiction in an emotional letter.
The former Liberty X singer - who checked herself into rehab last year to seek treatment for her alcoholism - has revealed a heartbreaking note her partner Hugh Hanley wrote just after she entered The Priory.
Reading his letter on ITV's 'Loose Women', she said: "Watching you spiral like this has personally been very hard to deal with. I couldn't talk to my best friend which was you.
"The last three years I've watched you spiral and turn into someone I don't recognise. The strain that has been put on our relationship has been very demanding.
"I've been left embarrassed several times by the way you spoke to me in front of people, which was never you - you were always my biggest fan.
"Yet I found myself being the brunt of your anger and having to shoulder that while also trying to help the kids navigate your new behaviour.
"Your addictive behaviour has hurt me a lot 'Chelle, and it's turned you into a liar - you've become someone who's very untrustworthy. Your behaviour has robbed me of my wife and the kids of their mummy."
Michelle - who shares 10-year-old daughter Faith and eight-year-old son Aaron with Hugh - has celebrated one year of sobriety and admitted she finally felt "really strong".
Asked how life is a year on, the 43-year-old star replied: "If somebody told me again nine months ago I'd be feeling free, happy, that feeling of the knots in your stomach and 'not sure whether I can do this'...
"I think the fear is, 'Can I actually do this?' because all I knew the past seven or eight years is active addiction."
She added: "It's hard to think about the new you because you don't know who you are. I'm glad I made it. But it's still one day at a time... I still do my programme.. I keep it so I can keep my sobriety."