Michelle Heaton says sobriety has 'transformed' her body

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Michelle Heaton says her body has transformed since seeking treatment for her alcohol addiction.
The former Liberty X singer - who is seven months sober after going to rehab earlier this year - took to Instagram on Thursday (22.12.21) to show off of her new physique as she posed with her personal trainer and husband Hugh Hanley and opened up on her tumultuous journey.
She captioned the photo: “Couples who train together stay together! Check out our videos of back and cardio today .. I must say I’m punching, mr hanley is looking HOT
“This man @hughhanley is my everything! I can’t believe how my body has transformed since my addictions have stopped! All that excess sugar, not eating, binging and REPEAT! brought me to my knees mentally and physically!
“You don’t need to be an alcoholic to quit the booze and get healthy! Some days I am low, sometimes I don’t wanna get out of bed, but today is not one of them!
“With my clear mind, my man, my dog, and my weights I’m all set for today! (sic)"
The 43-year-old singer - who is approaching eight months of sobriety - admitted she will be put to the test this Christmas as it will be her first festive period without a drink at hand.
She said: “I'm almost eight months sober and I'm coming into celebrating Christmas for the first time without an alcoholic drink in my hand.
“I'm really excited and a little bit nervous. I'm really excited to understand how others keep the joy in their lives without alcohol this year.
“The last eight months have been a real journey of sobriety, but I'm so happy I can't even explain how joyful I feel.
“I couldn't get to eight hours without picking up the drink towards the end, and here I am almost eight months clean and sober.”

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