Michelle Keegan's new fringe is *so* gorgeous, now I want one too

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Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images

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Look: yes, the world's upside down right now, but there's one yearly tradition you can always count on to keep a sense of normality. I know what you're thinking - Halloween, right?

...Wrong. I'm talking about Fringe Season™.

That's right. A whole two months dedicated to everyone, from celebrity to civilian, setting aside a little time to ponder the question: would I be hot with a fringe? Some take the plunge, entering the cycle of rained-upon bangs, morning sink-washes and forehead third degree burns (if you know, you know).

And though 2020 let us down in most ways, Fringe Season came through. Courtney Cox got a super 90s fringe. Taylor Swift got a curly fringe. Kendall Jenner pondered fringes of the past. Jennifer Lopez did it. Alicia Keys went hard, with a full, blunt fringe (we s-t-a-n those levels of commitment to Fringe Season).

The latest Fringe Season on-boarder we need to welcome is Michelle Keegan, queen of the hair switch-ups. She's already dabbled in honey blonde lately, not to mention showcasing her gorgeous natural curls.

But it seems the Season of the Fringe tempted Mich into trying out some bangs of her own, and she absolutely smashed it.

Hairdresser Calum Tierney worked his magic earlier this week, chopping in heavy face-framing, Bardot-esque pieces which, when fluffed up, create the perfect face-softening fringe.

It's a triumph. There's a pic below to swoon at, but if you'd like to see the fringe in fringey action, here's the Reel in question.

Photo credit: Calum Tierney - Instagram
Photo credit: Calum Tierney - Instagram

That's me off to the hairdressers, then.

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