Michelle Money Gets Emotional as She Recalls Neighbors Finding Daughter Brielle After Accident

Jen Juneau

Michelle Money is thanking well-wishers as her daughter Brielle seemingly makes progress in her health following a skateboarding accident.

After posting a tearful video on Sunday morning in which she shared that the 15-year-old’s brain pressure had yet to stabilize as of the previous night, the Bachelor in Paradise alum went on to reveal that Brielle’s numbers had begun to go down in the direction they were hoping, starting at a 17 and reaching 10 by Sunday evening.

“This is the number we are watching, which monitors her pressure,” Money, 39, wrote atop a photo of a monitor showing the 17 level before updating her followers two hours later, with the photo showing that it had lowered to 10. “We want it to be under 20. Last night it was around 30-35 for longer than we wanted. If we can [get] this number to stay around 15 we believe things will start calming down.”

The incident that landed Brielle in the intensive care unit under a medically induced coma occurred on March 29. The following day, Money revealed that the teen had been found by neighbors after she suffered a skateboarding accident, hinting then and in updates since that Brielle hadn’t been wearing a helmet while riding.

“I just realized that exactly one week ago, my neighbor was on the phone with 9-1-1. Exactly one week ago, 6 p.m., the call was made, and it truly saved her life,” said the former reality star in a Sunday Instagram Story video, adding through tears, “I am so eternally grateful for my neighbors who found her.”

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Michelle Money/Instagram Michelle Money

Michelle Money/Instagram Michelle Money’s daughter Brielle

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“I cannot believe that this is happening, but I am just so eternally grateful for all the good things that have happened this week,” she went on. “There’s been a lot of blessings, and I cannot believe a whole week has gone by. Crazy, you guys. I just can’t believe this is my life right now. I can’t believe it. It is so amazing how things can change in a second and your whole life is thrown upside down.”

“I’m sitting next to [Brielle] right now, holding her hand. She’s doing great, she’s at an 11, just went down to 10. She’s doing good. She’s a fighter,” Money shared with her viewers. “We’re gonna get through this. Thank you for all the love and support and prayers.”

Earlier in her Story, Money thanked her fans “for stopping and saying a prayer for Brielle today” despite there being “a lot going on in the world” otherwise.

“I know how loved she is. I know how much we all miss her, and your prayers mean the absolute world to us,” she said. “So thank you for taking time to send love and light and health and healing to Brielle and to me and to the doctors. It’s been an emotional day, but she’s in a good place and has been for the past four hours, so I’m gonna head back up and make sure we’re doing good. So thank you … thank you, thank you, thank you. So much.”

Michelle Money/Instagram Michelle Money’s Instagram Story

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The Bachelor's Michelle Money Reveals Daughter, 15, Is in 'ICU on Life Support' After Accident

“She suffered a serious brain trauma and a fractured skull,” wrote Money after her daughter had a skateboarding accident

Earlier on Sunday — following a “so scary” Saturday night — Money shared that unless Brielle’s brain pressure began to stabilize, she and her ex Ryan Money would have to “consider a different option.”

“I just need everyone to pray right now,” Money said in a video update while fighting back tears. “Today’s been a week and if we can’t get her numbers stabilized then we are going to have to put her into a deeper coma that has lots of other side effects that we don’t want, or we’re going to have to do surgery and remove part of her skull.”

While her daughter’s brain pressure had yet to stabilize at the time, it did go down after she requested for her followers to pray for Brielle.

“I believe in the power of prayer,” Money wrote, asking everyone who could to join her and her family for a moment of prayer. “Sorry for the emotional video, I just don’t know what else to do and I’m alone in here and need support.”