Michelle Money's Ex Says 'Pressure' in Daughter's Brain After Accident Is 'Almost Twice as High'

Jen Juneau

Two days after Michelle Money opened up in a tearful video about 15-year-old daughter Brielle‘s skateboarding accident, her ex Ryan Money is giving an update on Brielle’s progress after surgery and subsequent scans following the scary incident that landed their daughter in the intensive care unit.

“The CT scan yesterday (the pics of her skull and the fractures are from this CT Scan) gave us a bunch of good news,” he captioned a Friday noon PT update, sharing photos of her scan and some from the hospital. “The bruising and swelling in Brie’s head has gone down. No new swelling. Also, Brie had a blood clot in her jugular, the angiogram showed the blood is now flowing through that vein.”

Michelle went in to the hospital at 8 p.m. Thursday night, Ryan said, going on to reveal that unfortunately Brielle “had the worst night since she has been there,” with “the pressure in her brain” rising to “almost twice as high as it has ever been.”

“It was a rough night and definitely for the 2 steps forward she had with the Scans yesterday this was a step back,” he wrote. “The doctors are not sure why this happened and have been working on her all morning. She had a lot of fluid in her lungs and they sucked that out, along with congestion in her sinuses.”

“Brie is definitely at risk of infection. They have her on antibiotics but this also has its negative side effects,” Ryan said. “They have since got her pressure down a bit but are giving her much larger doses of medicine. They said that if her numbers get up that high again they will have to put her in a deeper comatose state/medically induced coma. They have been trying to wean her off of these drugs and it does not seem like that is going to happen today.”

“We have had a bit of negative news today. Been a tough one,” he added. “THANK YOU again for your prayers — we are using them up. I will update again probably later tonight.”

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Sharing a video of Brielle being wheeled into another room in her hospital bed by her medical team on Thursday, Ryan said in the caption that it was “a BIG day” for his daughter: “We are doing a CT Scan and hopefully Brielle will cooperate enough to the angiogram scan too. They have been working on her all morning prepping her for this.”

“When they lay the bed flat which they need to do for the scan, Brielle does not like that and the pressure in her brain goes way up,” he continued. “Dr. Kestle wants this done though and is willing to settle for just the CT Scan if that is all that Brie will give him.”

Ryan also explained that medical staff would be changing the dressings around the central line in Brielle’s thigh, saying he was “Praying that Brie’s body starts to regulate the pressure in her brain without so much help from the various different medical options” that also include “various drugs that both sedate and paralyze, along with a drain in her skull to manage the pressure in her brain.”

“The drugs and the drain all have negatives to them,” he said. “The sooner Brie can help manage these the better for her and her recovery.”

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The Bachelor's Michelle Money Reveals Daughter, 15, Is in 'ICU on Life Support' After Accident

“She suffered a serious brain trauma and a fractured skull,” wrote Money after her daughter had a skateboarding accident

Ryan explained that on top of the medical updates about his daughter, “The hospital is cracking down drastically preparing for the Coronavirus,” in that there were no waiting rooms anymore and they were taking people’s temperature when they entered the building.

“ONLY 1 person per patient every 24 hours,” he wrote. “This means that if I wanted to leave early and have Michelle come up, they would not allow that until my 24 hours ended at 8PM and they are sticklers about this. Last night I got here at 7:45pm and they made me wait outside the PICU until 8pm on the dot.”

“We are doing good, not the best and it could be A LOT worse so we are happy and will be patient with Brie. She is running the show and we are her support crew,” he concluded the post. “YOUR PRAYERS are heard and felt.”

Ryan — who’s also dad to daughters Monroe, 2, and Scout, 6, plus son Jex, 4 — additionally shared a photo of his youngest daughter to his Instagram Story on Thursday and wrote, “This is The GREM, Brielle’s 2-year-old little sister. Every morning she wakes up looking for ‘beee.’ ”

Ryan Money’s daughter Monroe

Michelle Money/Instagram Michelle Money’s daughter Brielle

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Michelle, 39, previously shared on Monday that Brielle was hospitalized after a “terrible skateboarding accident,” where she was placed “in a medically induced coma to relieve pressure on her brain.”

In the caption of an emotional video posted to her Instagram feed on Wednesday, the mother of one said she felt like she had made being Brielle’s “friend more important than being her mom” amid her custody arrangements with Ryan and admitted, “I regret a lot of things today. I hope this can be a strong reminder to make it your job to parent first. They will love you eventually. Keep them safe first. In all aspects. Put the helmet on.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum’s boyfriend Mike Weir gave a post-CT-scan update on Thursday, saying Brielle’s doctors were “really happy with the progress she is making.”

“We’re hoping she will be waking up within the next 48 hours,” Weir continued. “We are massively thankful to all of you and to the amazing doctors and team. 🙏 We’ll share more as soon as we know more.”