Michelle Pfeiffer 'pleasantly surprised' upon reuniting with Dakota Fanning

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Michelle Pfeiffer was "pleasantly surprised" when she reunited with Dakota Fanning for 'The First Lady.'
The 63-year-old actress starred as a hotshot lawyer in 2001 drama 'I Am Sam' alongside then-child actress Dakota but the pair are now playing mother and daughter Betty and Susan Ford in the political drama series and Michelle admitted she was "curious" to see how the now-28-year-old had matured since they last worked together.
She said: "She turned seven on 'I Am Sam' and I bought her a Barbie Winnebago. I remember playing Barbies in her camper with she and [sister] Elle. And she turned 27 on the set of 'First Lady.' I was so curious to see the kind of grownup that she had become and was oh so pleasantly surprised in a way."
The 'Hairspray' actress also stars opposite Viola Davis as Michelle Obama in the Showtime series that offers a "revelatory reframing of American leadership, told through the lens of the women at the heart of the White House" and "loved" getting to work with Aaron Eckhart - who stars as her husband and 38th President of the United States Gerald Ford - because she has been a fan of his for many years.
She told ETOnline: "I loved working with Aaron. I've been such a fan of his for so many years and was really excited when I heard he was going to play Gerry Ford. It was wonderful. It was intense and it was fun."
However, Michelle admitted she is unaware whether any of the real-life Ford family have seen the drama series but would love to have their approval.
She added: I don't know if they sent it to them to see or not. I'd love to hear from them if they're happy."

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