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This clever outlet extender with a shelf cleared my cable clutter — and it's just $14

Sometimes the smallest product can make the biggest difference in making my day more pleasant. Lately, the view of my living room has been obscured by a tangle of cords on the floor. By 'obscured,' I mean the pile is so ugly that it's the only thing I see when I walk into the room. And now I can tell you: I waited way too long to get the Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender. It's a small gadget that's made a HUGE difference for me.

A multifunctional power hub, this surge protector has 6 AC outlets, 2 USB charging ports and a USB C charging port, but the best part is the shelf.

$14 at Amazon

I don't have very many wall outlets in my living room that are actually accessible. They're behind a couch and under a TV stand and are already pumping out power to many appliances. The only outlet available to plug in my Google Nest Mini and whatever random device I need to be charged at the moment is next to a wall with no furniture. It's a sad sight. But the Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender changed that. It's basically an outlet extender but with really practical features — like a shelf!

I had been thinking about getting something to put my smart speaker on, but another piece of furniture just for that did not make sense. I looked at a few other products similar to the Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender, but I ended up getting this one because it didn't have too many or too few outlets: It has 6 AC outlets, 2 USB and USB C charging ports. That means I can charge my phone, my Kindle and my earbuds and ask Google who Harry Styles is all at the same time — and none of the devices touch the floor!

The extender and the shelf are two separate pieces. They plug in and come together on the wall easily. To keep them neat, there are also notches on the sides and a cutout in the middle of the shelf to corral the cables. If you're concerned about your device sliding onto the floor, don't worry — it's got a handy non-slip surface to keep things in place.

The extender itself features a 490 Joule surge protection rating — that's ideal for small devices and will keep them safe during voltage spikes (for perspective: power tools need a rating of 1,000+ Joules). It means I can put one in my bathroom to prop up a speaker and plug in my hair dryer at the same time.

outlet extender
Untangle your cables and the rest will follow (Amazon)

Over 5,000 shoppers find this little gadget useful as well.

"We only have one easily accessible outlet in our kitchen, so getting this has made things much easier!" gushed a fan. "I can have the coffee maker plugged in and we can both charge our phones at once. The little shelf is super helpful and I love the nonslip surface on it. It was also quick and easy to install."

"Great for tight space," wrote a doting mother. "I bought this for my son's college apartment and it's great. [The] bathroom had a pedestal sink and 4 guys who all use electric toothbrushes. This comfortably fits all 4 brush bases"

"Before my cords were all over the place," shared another five-star fan. "Now everything looks organized and it's not on the floor so my housekeeper can clean under there"

Now that there's no clutter on the floor and all my devices are fully juiced, I'm so much more relaxed when I walk in the room. Want to join me in this bliss? Just add to cart.

This easy-to-install gadget provides more outlets and surface storage space. 

$14 at Amazon

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