Miley Cyrus: Coronavirus is having a positive impact on the environment

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Miley Cyrus believes the coronavirus pandemic is having a positive impact on the environment.
The 27-year-old singer believes that as the respiratory illness forces millions of people to self-isolate in their homes, the planet is getting "a little bit of relief" when it comes to climate change, as there are currently less cars on the roads and less factories "vomiting onto Mother Nature's beauty every single day".
She said: "I know some of us have seen the viral videos of bluer skies, dolphins in waters that we haven't seen them in. So Mother Nature, not only are we taking a break right now, but she's getting a little bit of relief, because there's way less cars on the freeway. People aren't working every day, so we aren't vomiting onto Mother Nature's beauty every single day.
"And we're starting to see what it would look like if we actually started treating the world more responsibly, so getting this little kind of breath of fresh air and a little vision for us to actually see physically what would happen if we actually really focused on climate change."
Miley is passionate about the environment, and says her activism was triggered when she lost her home in the devastating fires that ripped through California in late 2018.
She added: "I've thought a lot about the Malibu fires. We had lost our house in the Malibu fires, and I didn't really deal with that at the time because I was filming 'Black Mirror' and came back and I had the same attitude as I do now, which was make a list of what I can change, what I can't, and accept it.
"I couldn't change that the house burned down, but I could make some changes to focus points of my activism, which is talking about climate change more."
The 'Slide Away' hitmaker also credits the fires with helping her to evaluate her choices in life, as she admits she doesn't regret any decisions she's made as they have led her to where she is today.
Speaking to Zane Lowe for Apple Music, she said: "I got to focus on things that worked out and things that didn't, and what I did or could've done or didn't do. So I just, I've really been thinking a lot about my choices and how I got to where I'm sitting right now. And not all my choices are the finest, but I would do them again. I would do them again because they got me right where I am, and right now I'm connecting with people on a level that's really fulfilling, and I can't say that I've really had that over the last few years consistently. This has been consistent fulfilment."