Miley Cyrus is officially the queen of sideboob in new topless photos

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miley cyrus wows in topless pics
Miley Cyrus is queen of sideboob in new picsArturo Holmes - Getty Images

It's official, Miley Cyrus is the undisputed queen of the sideboob in new topless pictures she shared on Instagram over the weekend.

In a series of three photos posted to her official Instagram account on Saturday night (13th May), Miley looks incredible whilst looking into camera and lying on a white bed.

Miley is wearing nothing but what appears to be a pair of black leather trousers and is lying topless on the bed with her brunette hair and the sheets of the bed covering her boobs. It's safe to say we have not stopped saying "wow" since we saw the pictures.

See the images for yourself here:

Fans have been utterly obsessed with the new images with many complimenting Miley on the look. One person said: "*googles how to become Miley Cyrus*" (we may have done that too). Another asked: "how can someone be so perfect?" and another simply said: "Lovee these."

Miley captioned the series of photos "You’re lonely now & I hate it," which all Miley fans will know is a lyric from the song 'Jaded' from her new album Endless Summer Vacation.

After dropping the images many fans have taken her caption and new images as a hint the music video for 'Jaded' is on its way.

One person said: "Jaded music video is coming 👀👀👀" and another agreed asking: "Videoooo ???" and another asked: "MUSIC VIDEO WHEN?????".

We do have to agree, when is the music video for 'Jaded' coming? The new images certainly do look like they could be stills from a music video, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Given the absolute mega success of Miley's most recent single release 'Flowers', which has had over 1 billion streams on Spotify and 432million views on YouTube, we're guessing (and praying) it won't be too long until we get a video for 'Jaded'.

We're really keeping our fingers crossed for this one.

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