Miley Cyrus Shut Down Breakup Rumors on Her 10-Year Anniversary with Liam Hemsworth

Kimberly Truong
Miley Cyrus Shut Down Breakup Rumors on Her 10-Year Anniversary with Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus is putting the rumors to rest on her 10-year anniversary with Liam Hemsworth.

On Tuesday, she posted a series of images on her Instagram Story celebrating 10 years with her now-husband — among them a screenshot of a Gossip Cop article about rumors of their breakup.

"Happy 10 year anniversary my love," Cyrus wrote on the image. "Good to see everyone is as dumb as they were in 2009! Some things never change .... & I hope the way you feel about me is one of them. Yours truly."


She also shared a photo of the two of them from the movie The Last Song, where they first met, and wrote, "Started diggin you in 2009 @liamhemsworth. S— got deep."

The two began dating after meeting on the set of the movie, took a brief break from each other, and got engaged in 2012. Though they called off the engagement a year later, the couple reunited in 2016 and tied the knot in December 2018.

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Looks like there's no more breakup drama here.