Millie Bobby Brown is 'ready to leave' Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown is "ready to leave" 'Stranger Things.'
The 19-year-old actress has starred as Eleven in the hit Netflix science fiction series since she was a child but now that the show is set to wrap up completely when its fifth season next year, has admitted that she is "ready" to try new things.
Asked if she was prepared to say goodbye to the character, she told Parade magazine: "Yes, I think I am ready. I think it's been—it's been a long time coming, and I think the fans need closure, and so do the actors. So I think we're definitely ready to be able to say goodbye to those roles and thank them and be grateful for the time that I've had with them, but I'm ready to move on to new projects and new roles to fulfill."
The 'Enola Holmes' star went on to add that she has no idea what the show's final outing - which is reportedly set to begin filming in June - will entail but explained that after making her directorial debut for a Samsung campaign in 2022 that stepping behind the camera is something she would like to purse further.
She added: "I don't know what it's about. Like I honestly don't know what it's about. Nobody's shared anything with me, so you'd have to ask the people that are experts in Stranger Things for that one.
"Yeah, absolutely, [I'd do more directing]. I have many passions and ambitions, but I also am very aware that it takes a lot to fill those boots and I don't want anything handed to me. I want to be able to work for what I want and I'm striving for that."