Millie Mackintosh 'anxious' about giving birth during coronavirus pandemic

Millie Mackintosh is "anxious" about giving birth during the coronavirus outbreak.

The 30-year-old reality star - who is expecting her first child with husband Hugo Taylor - has opened up on her fears of welcoming her daughter into the world during the pandemic, but is determined to stay positive for the health of her baby.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday (17.03.20), she wrote: "With a little under 8 weeks to go until our daughter is due to arrive, the situation the world finds itself in with Coronavirus is very much a concern.

"Even though I'm fully aware that worrying gets you nowhere, it's understandable to be anxious about my baby arriving during this time, our natural instinct is to protect!"

Though she never imagined she'd be giving birth as the UK is gripped by the health emergency, Millie is trying to embrace and enjoy the last few weeks of her pregnancy as she tries to avoid any unwarranted panic.

She said: "The final pregnancy stretch brings with it a whole wave of emotions and as I'm trying to get into nesting mode, the world around me is in panic mode!

"I certainly didn't envision my daughter arriving into the world during the throes of a pandemic, however, that is where we are and instead of resisting it and causing internal personal panic I am trying to embrace the uncertainty by taking each day as it comes and enjoying this enforced maternity leave."

To help take her mind off the worrying circumstances, Millie is planning to use her time in isolation wisely by preparing for her daughter's arrival with her husband.

She explained: "I plan on doing at home workouts, watching all the TV on my to watch list, cooking my favourite comfort foods, reading, organising the house for our daughters arrival and spending quality time with Hugo.

"Humans are wired for survival but that can sometimes take us to a negative space where we self serve and don't look after our community (remember it takes a village and in this case a nation)."

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star also urged others not to worry others through "scare mongering and panic buying" and has encouraged them to reach out to others instead.

She continued: "Scare mongering and panic buying will only make things 10 times worse. Please look out for your family members, friends and those less fortunate around you, particularly elderly neighbours!!

"Make calls and reach out to each other (perhaps not with our hands) and lets pull together (again, not literally) Be kind and take care. Wishing you all health and happiness during this daunting time"