Millie Mackintosh has become close to Hugo Taylor during pregnancy

Millie Mackintosh feels she has become closer to husband Hugo Taylor as a result of her pregnancy.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star is expecting a baby girl with Hugo in May and she has revealed that the pair have begun to connect with their child and already feel like a family unit.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Millie said: "Pregnancy is an amazing bonding experience. We feel like a family unit already. I talk to the baby a lot and Hugo does from time to time, but I think it's harder for guys - it's a very different experience for them, and I think their connection comes once the baby arrives.

"But Hugo has started to have really vivid dreams so he's picking up on pregnancy symptoms from being around me. He has also had back pain - but that's more to do with helping lift me up from the sofa!"

The 30-year-old also feels that Hugo, who she wed in 2018, will be a "great dad" and is "really excited" about having a girl.

Millie explained: "He's got such a big family and he's used to being around babies and young children. He's not fazed by changing nappies."

She also revealed that she has been relying heavily on her mother, Georgina, during the pregnancy.

Millie said: "My mum has been great and is a sounding board when I'm having a moment of worry. She's so wise and I really value all her advice. She has really helped me get organised - she's a planner like me.

"We have a spare room so I hope to rope her in to come and help out a lot! It's really special to have that relationship and be able to have your mum around to help."