Mind-blowing Haribo hack stuns the internet: 'Took me 35 years to realise this'

Yep, you've been opening them all wrong!

Anna demonstrates how to reseal the bag after you open it.
The hack not only gives you an easy way to open the bag but makes it easier to re-seal it too. Photo: Instagram/@annaantonje

If you've ever tried opening a bag of gummy bears and ended up with them scattered everywhere, it's because you've been doing it wrong all along. But don't worry, you're not the only one.

According to a new viral life hack video, we’ve all been totally messing this up, and it’s leaving thousands of people totally mind-blown, questioning how they didn’t know the simple way it’s actually meant to be done. Let us talk you through it.


Taking to Instagram, a German woman named Anna Antonje discovered the hack online before literally racing to the shops to buy a packet of Haribo gummy bears and testing it out for her one million followers.

“No way, I can’t believe it,” she says in the clip, which has now been viewed more than 1.7 million times. “Don‘t tell me you KNEW that?!”

The trick involves using the hole at the top of the candy packet, which is usually for hanging it on the display shelf. However, this hole is also key to a little-known opening hack.

Pulling on the plastic at the hole's base makes the bag open effortlessly, creating a convenient opening to access the lollies.

The comments section was quickly filled with close to 20,000 comments from others who were equally as shocked as she was.

“Wow!! Game changer!” One person wrote, with another adding, “Noooooo way, really?! Wow!”

Anna opening her bag of gummy bears using the hack.
Anna was left stunned when she discovered the hack worked. Photo: Instagram/@annaantonje

“I have lived 42 years in darkness,” another person wrote with another, stating, “What!!! I can't believe it!”

"It took me 35 years to realise this 😂😂😂," another person chimed in.

Initially unsure whether it would work, Anna was pleasantly surprised when she discovered the hack not only worked but also offered a super convenient way of storing the lollies.

After effortlessly opening the bag she discovered that the small strip she pulled off could easily be wrapped back around the packet and through the hole at the top again before securing the bag closed.

Haribo selection at the supermarket (left) and still from Anna's video of her holding her head (right).
The mind-blowing hack has left thousands scratching their heads. Photo: Instagram/annaantonje

Her face said it all and she was left happily stunned that the hack actually worked.

And while thousands loved the hack, plenty said that resealing the bag wasn’t exactly helpful.

“Useless life hack! I eat the whole pack at once,” one person joked.

“This has blown my mind, but re-sealing the pack makes as much sense to me as wine bottle stoppers,” another wrote.

“Who opens a pack and doesn't finish it?” added another.

Taking the test one step further, TikToker Dustin Hadley, who posts as @that40yearguy tested the hack out on a bunch of other lolly packet brands.

Dustin attempting the hack on other brands of lollies.
It seems the hack only works on Haribo branded lollies. Photo: TikTok/@that40yearguy

“You’re telling me for 40 years I should have been opening candy bags like that?” he wrote after seeing the original video.


“This changes everything I thought I knew my whole life,” he said before trying it on other bags.

As it turns out, Haribo is the only brand the hack seems to work on, with Dustin confirming that the trick seems to be exclusive to everyone's favourite gummy bear makers.

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