Mindy Kaling Has Already Developed Her Own Signature Pregnancy Style

Jamie Feldman

If it ain’t broke, wear as many variations of it as you possibly can. Right, Mindy Kaling?

The mom-to-be, who confirmed her pregnancy in August, attended a premiere party for “The Mindy Project” in West Hollywood on Tuesday, wearing the sparkliest little black dress with silver pumps and what appears to be a cape/sleeve hybrid moment. 

SPARKLES! (Greg Doherty via Getty Images)

It’s the third time we’ve seen Kaling on a red carpet in a black dress with some form of a statement sleeve since her pregnancy was announced. She attended an event for Hulu in July wearing a dress with sheer sleeves and grommets:

Adorable. (Jonathan Leibson via Getty Images)

And was spotted out in Los Angeles just last week wearing a fun-sleeved black number

ALSO adorable!! 

If she’s going to pick one style to repeatedly rock, the LBD is a pretty solid choice. Plus, she looks sparkly, gorgeous and positively glowing. 

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