Miranda Lambert likes to see husband to cook shirtless

Miranda Lambert likes to watch her husband cook without a shirt on.
The 39-year-old country star tied the knot with police officer Brendan McLoughlin, 31, in 2019 and revealed that he is much better in the kitchen she is and she loves watching him rustle up a new dish - particularly when he's only half-dressed.
She told US TV show 'Extra': "He’s a lot better cook than I am. He’s fun to watch cook and sometimes he doesn’t wear a shirt and I like that!"
However, the 'Hell on Heels' hitmaker - who was previously married to Blake Shelton - is no stranger to the kitchen herself and was inspired by the group of "strong women" she was surrounded by when growning up to pen her own cookery book based on a phrase she used to hear a lot.
She added: "I’ve heard that phrase my whole life… It kind of felt right to put recipes and stories in a book titled ‘Y’All Eat Yet?’ — right? I was raised by a really strong, amazing group of women. They all raised me and I was so lucky to grow up and like learn how to navigate life from them and most of those lessons were around the dinner table."
Miranda previously explained that she "really appreciates" home cooking because she has spent so long travelling for her career that it has become something of a rarity.
She told People magazine: "Living on the road for 20 years, I really appreciate home cooking — especially straight-up comfort food. You don't get to enjoy it that much when you travel for a living.
"When I'm back in my kitchen, I love making these warm and hearty muffins with corn, sausage,and melty cheese. It tastes like home to me."