Mirror's Anson Lo shows off abs in latest Calvin Klein campaign

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Anson Lo bares his stunning upper body in a collaboration with Calvin Klein. (Photo: Instagram/ansonlht)
Anson Lo bares his stunning upper body in a collaboration with Calvin Klein. (Photo: Instagram/ansonlht)

One of the hot favourites of the wildly popular Cantopop boyband Mirror, Anson Lo, has bared his stunning shirtless upper body in a collaboration with fashion house Calvin Klein.

This marks his latest endorsement, after other prominent brands like Shiseido, Dior, Samsung, and McDonald’s. Lo’s popularity has shot up not only in Hong Kong, but also internationally, after he starred as Muk in Hong Kong’s remake of Japanese boys' love drama Ossan’s Love.

His toned arms and defined abs in the latest Calvin Klein campaign have thrown fans into a whirlpool of excitement, with comments like:

“I’m dead.”

“Too hot to handle.”

“You can’t be so perfect as a human!”

“Your figure is so good.”

“Loving this so much.”

Even before the campaign launch, Calvin Klein’s teaser had already generated a lot of buzz among fans. This was especially so because Lo's muscular body had been well-hidden under the long sleeves and sweaters that he usually wears, even in the scorching summer heat — so much so that fans have given him the nickname Lo “Sweat Stop”, a word play on his Chinese name Lo Hon-ting.

The Calvin Klein campaign is also probably one of the reasons why the 26-year-old singer, who released the Megahit music video last week, has been posting Instagram stories of his workouts recently. Last month, his fitness coach even shared Lo’s transformation within a week.

Apparently, Lo is not the only one from Mirror who is working with Calvin Klein. Anson Kong, deputy leader of Mirror, also revealed his ripped upper body in the same campaign.

It seems fans of the “double Anson” will have a good time gushing over the new Calvin Klein campaign, as photos of these hunks get plastered on Calvin Klein’s store fronts and website.

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