New mobilization law: Update TCC data from May 18

Military registration from May 18
Military registration from May 18

The new mobilization law will take effect on May 18, changing the rules for notification and military accounting.

The new law requires all men between the ages of 18 and 60 to update their military records within 60 days of its effective date, which means the data must be updated by July 16, 2024. Those who have already updated their data after the publication of the law on April 17, 2024, and before its entry into force on May 18, 2024, do not need to update it again.

The required data includes:

  • Address of residence

  • Contact numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Other personal data

Additionally, women with education in medical or pharmaceutical fields must update their records, regardless of whether they live in Ukraine or abroad.

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VIN codes (bar codes) will be pasted into the military registration documents of those who have updated their data. These codes allow TCC employees or police officers to quickly check the relevance of data in the Oberih register, an electronic database with information on conscripts, enlisted personnel, and reservists. The VIN code is an identification code that is automatically assigned to a conscript in the Oberig registry.

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How to update military registration data:

  • At the TCC (Territorial Recruitment Centers) at the place of military registration

  • Through TSNAP (administrative service provision center)

  • Through the electronic cabinet of a conscript, enlisted person, or reservist (e-cabinets should be operational from May 18, and their use is voluntary) or in the Reserve+ application — both from Ukraine and abroad

  • For men abroad, through the official email address or the official phone number of the TCC and SP at the place of military registration

Additionally, from May 18, 2024, all Ukrainian conscripts between the ages of 18 and 60 must carry their military registration documents and present them upon request by a TCC representative or a police officer. Representatives of the State Border Guard Service may also check these documents in the border lane, controlled border area, and at checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine.

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